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APSO/ ENERGIZERS 1 In a move to expand the depth and breadth of the company's charitable endeavors, Charitable Giving tapped Kim Savage to serve in a dual role as coordinator of Energizers and the Alabama Power Service Organization (APSO). Energizers President Becky York said she and 2023 President-elect James Glover look forward to collaborating with Savage. "I worked with Kim for many years and know that she'll do a fantastic job with our Energizers, helping to encourage and motivate our retiree group," York said. "We are looking forward to finding more ways to engage our retirees in serving our communities." After organizing and hosting retiree meetings this past summer and fall, Savage took a moment to discuss her plans for members of the service arms of the company. Q: Why should retirees and employees take part in Energizers and APSO? A: If you are thinking about getting involved, this is the time to do it. We are going to work together to find fun, new ways that we can continue to serve our communities and represent this great company we work for. The world looks a little different on this side of the pandemic, but there are so many opportunities out there and I'm really excited about what we can do. Q: You have about 20 years of experience working at Alabama Power. How did your former jobs prepare you for this expanded role? A: The public safety role I had for nearly 15 years prepared me for this new role because I developed relationships with people in every division. So, when I'm reaching out now in a different capacity, it really does help to have those existing relationships because they know me. They know that I care about them and that I want to help get things done, because we've worked together for years. My goal is to build those same relationships with our employees and Energizers. Our company is very relationship-focused. To get something done, a lot of times you must have a relationship in place because those relationships help you complete the task. So, my goal is to build these relationships with employees and Energizers so that we can work together to help our communities and support this great company. Q: How do you plan to help build Energizers membership and increase involvement? A: Big picture-wise, I am responsible for figuring out how we can engage more employees through volunteerism, and that's for APSO and our Energizers, as well. What kind of projects can we do for them? How can we get them involved and keep them engaged? I am still in the fact-finding phase, but I know we'll need to look at how to improve the accuracy of our data and records for both groups. We have a very different work environment now than we had before the pandemic. For instance, we have hybrid situations; we've got a lot of people working remotely; and a lot of people are not going into the office. We must figure out a way to engage those folks. I think we need to find projects that would appeal to or be easy for employees who are working a hybrid schedule, or for those who are perhaps working 100% remote. We plan to offer more ways for Energizers and APSO members to serve together. Q: What kind of projects are you planning to engage and involve Energizers? A: I'm attending Energizers chapter meetings and getting to know everyone and gathering feedback. After I meet with all chapters, we'll come together to talk about how to work together and create some strategies to make things more cohesive. Q: How might the Energizers partner with APSO chapters? A: I think there are lots of opportunities and potential for us to work together to represent our company, to help the communities where we live and work, and to serve our customers, as well. I see the Energizers as an army of advocates. They are proud of the legacy that they left, as they should be, and it is our responsibility to continue that legacy. We have some great opportunities to activate our army of advocates so that when they are out and about in their communities, they can also help us spread our message. Q: How will you actively meet our retirees and Energizers members? A: First, I ask for retirees' patience – there is a whole lot of them and only one of me. I am meeting most of them at each division's retiree luncheons, but I'll be at their chapter and board meetings, too. I want to get to know our Energizers members. My goal is to get out there for our Energizers meetings and get to know them better. Our retirees and employees are welcome to contact me anytime, via email at Kssavage@southernco. com or call or text me at 205-427- 7279. It may take me a little while to respond, but I promise I will get back to them. By Donna Cope Meet Kim Savage, Alabama Power's new Energizers and APSO coordinator Savage

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