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2022 CCI STRATEGIC REPORT | 9 SUBCOMMIT TEES DISCIPLINE AND CONCERNS Establish a process to ensure fairness and equitable treatment in disciplinary maers, as well as identify trends among concerns cases and, where applicable, develop corrective responses. Responsibilities Review the company's Non-Punitive Discipline Policy to improve deficiencies related to conduct, job performance or aendance, as well as address survey results related to why employees might not feel comfortable sharing ideas, opinions, observations or concerns. Analyze insights from concerns raised by employees to identify trends and develop strategies to resolve recurring issues. Set guidance and revisions to the current policy. Focus on disciplinary issues and discuss actions that may be needed to support fair and equitable treatment. Work with Alabama Power Concerns Program, which provides independent, alternative investigations of workplace issues. TALENT AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Evaluate existing programs and continually pursue improved opportunities for employee development. Responsibilities Review existing programs to ensure equity and evaluate new opportunities for employee development and engagement. Understand the curriculum and structure of existing developmental programs within the company. Work with Human Resources to develop new or enhanced programs to increase business acumen and meet development needs of employees. ENTERPRISES AND EVENTS Provide a diverse perspective for Alabama Power programs and events. Responsibilities Review initiatives and events supporting diverse organizations, ensuring they align with the company's mission, are reflective of employees and customers, foster inclusion and build communities. Serve as a sounding board for various events to ensure a balance of representation. Provide counsel to promote inclusion in the company's outreach.

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